Jody Vanderwel
Lifetime Achievement Award

Michigan has experienced investors, like Jody Vanderwel, who are playing a critical role in building Michigan’s entrepreneurial and investment community.  The lifetime achievement nominees are individuals who formed the foundation of Michigan’s entrepreneurial and investment community, paving the way for the next generation with their leadership and expertise.

Jody Vanderwel is an investor that has partnered with a variety of organizations and startup companies across Michigan by providing financial, intellectual and networking resources. She retired as president of the Grand Angels, the leading and most experienced angel investing group in Michigan, in 2017, but remains an active member.  In addition to this role, she is also managing partner of Grand Angels Venture Fund II.  Vanderwel is currently a member of the Michigan Venture Capital Association Board, the Michigan Accelerator Fund I Advisory Board, the Plymouth Venture Partners Fund III Advisory Board, the Baker Publishing Group Board, and the Fuller Theological Seminary Board.  By partnering with a variety of organizations and startup companies across Michigan, Jody has made a significant mark in Michigan’s entrepreneurial and investment community.