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MSU Entrepreneurship Association

MSU Entrepreneurship Association

MSU Entrepreneurship Association


Michigan State University Entrepreneurship Association is a registered student organization open to all majors who are passionate about creating solutions to real world problems. Services and resources offered include monthly meetings to share and collaborate on ideas, networking with peers, talks with industry professionals, road trips involving business competitions, conferences, and more. This is a great organization to meet like-minded motivated individuals. Membership is open to all.



  • Eddie Koneczny
    President, MSU Entrepreneurship Association
  • Mustafa Syed
    President, MSU Entrepreneurship Association

Company Stages Served

  • Idea/Pre-Seed

Industry Sectors Served

  • Alternative Energy
  • Consumer Products
  • Other

Types of Programs Offered

  • Capital
  • Talent Development

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From public policy to the new ideas and breakthrough investment opportunities, MVCA will keep your finger on the pulse of must know information in the industry.


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