9 May
Renaissance Venture Capital’s biannual UnDemo Day® has received national acclaim for its attraction of venture capital to start-ups, and on May 9, Renaissance will initiate its second DEI UnDemo Day® designed exclusively to attract venture capital to high growth companies led by diverse founders. The virtual event will highlight companies from the Midwest and Central U.S. led by women, people of color and other diverse communities. Last year’s DEI UnDemo Day® was a great success, with the largest attendance of any Renaissance event to date. Startups led by women, Black and Latino founders collectively receive less than 10% of all venture capital investments, and trends have not dramatically changed over the past decade, even though research shows that these companies have historically provided strong overall financial returns to investors. In many cases it is access to investors that is the limiting factor, and UnDemo Day® provides startups access to hundreds of top tier venture investors from around the US. In a format similar to last year’s DEI UnDemo Day®, the event will include larger group “pitch rooms” as well as hundreds of curated one-on-one meetings between start-ups and VCs.