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10 Michigan Startups that are Hiring Now

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Ryan Landau of re:purpose has made it his mission to empower people to find the jobs they love based on a company’s culture and values. He circled back with us recently to provide an update on startups that are hiring in Ann Arbor, Detroit, and Royal Oak as a follow up to his blog post last year. Available positions range from engineering, product development, marketing and more! The list shows the amazing growth of startups in the area and the exciting careers that are available, right here in Michigan.

Check out the complete list below!

Most financial institutions don’t offer treasury services to small businesses. Enter Autobooks. They help financial institutions bring treasury products to the users who need it most: today’s small businesses.
Located: Detroit
Founded: 2015
Funded: $17,500,000
Employees: 11–50

Finally, plants made simple. Bloomscape is devoted to strengthening the relationships people have with things that grow. They make buying plants simple by delivering healthy, ready-to-go plants to your door and along with the tools you need to keep the relationship growing.
Located: Detroit
Founded: 2017
Funded: Coming soon…
Employees: 3

Career Now Brands
Career Now Brands is a technology solutions provider specifically serving the education and trucking industries. Deeply rooted in the performance marketing space, Career Now is innovating the ways these industries capture their target audience and grow their revenue.
Located: Royal Oak
Founded: 2013
Funded: Profitable
Employees: 50+

Duo Security
Now more than ever, employees are working from different locations, using personal devices to remotely log into applications. Duo verifies the identity of users and the health of their devices before they connect to the applications employers want them to access.
Located: Ann Arbor
Founded: 2010
Funded: $121,500,000
Employees: 251–500

Floyd Design
Floyd makes furniture for city living. Easy to purchase, assemble, and move. Beautifully designed, and built to last. Simple to use, easy to ship, and long-lasting. Starting with a bed frame and a table that ships right to your door, they aim to make furnishing an apartment an easy and enjoyable experience.
Located: Detroit
Founded: 2013
Funded: Coming soon…
Employees: 11-50

Leading consumer brands use the Quikly marketing platform to run frequent, highly-targeted campaigns that reward new and existing customers for acting fast. They help capture attention and motivate important key behaviors such as purchases, loyalty signups, social engagement, and store visits.
Located: Detroit
Founded: 2013
Funded: $7,000,000
Employees: 30

This company is one after our own heart: they work to make an organization’s company culture the very best version of itself. Through their platform, Sift is helping companies everywhere connect and engage their workforce, bring visibility to the organization, and ultimately, increase employee retention.
Located: Detroit
Founded: 2015
Funded: $2,000,000
Employees: 10

Varsity News Network
In a divisive world, sports unite us. Varsity News Network products help local communities rally around their high school teams by making information and communication about those teams more accessible to administrators, athletes, parents, and fans.
Located: Grand Rapids
Founded: 2012
Funded: $8,300,000
Employees: 11–50

Waymark combines art and technology to build agency-quality videos for businesses with just the click of a button. Designed by Hollywood producers and customized by their Content API, users can have a ready-to-run video in seconds.
Located: Detroit
Founded: 2010
Funded: $4,600,000
Employees: 11–50

Xenith was founded by a former Harvard quarterback and Columbia University MD. After several head injuries during his football career, he believed that there had to be a better way to make a football helmet. Today, Xenith helmets are worn by hundreds of thousands of players across the globe—from the youth level to the pros.
Located: Detroit
Founded: 2004
Funded: $13,200,000
Employees: 11–50

This blog post was originally published on re:purpose.