Internship Program

Michigan’s entrepreneurial and investment community has seen success and profits from funding and employing diverse professionals, but more progress can be made. Although Michigan meets or exceeds the national average of diversity within our venture capital industry, the state can set a benchmark for the industry that more clearly reflects representative populations while simultaneously inspiring and teaching the next generation of Michigan entrepreneurs and investors.
Michigan college/university students are encouraged to submit their resumes to MVCA so that they are made available in a stored online database that is accessible to MVCA members for potential consideration of future internships.

Michigan Venture Capital Association (MVCA) has a history of championing diversity through a successful venture fellows program along with creating awareness on the disparity of diversity in the VC/entrepreneurial community through webinars and published articles by the membership.

Michigan venture capital firms utilize interns throughout the year. MVCA encourages college and university students in Michigan to submit their resume and information to be included in a resume bank that is only accessible to MVCA members for potential consideration when an internship becomes available.

For college and university students interested in potential internship opportunities:

  • Prepare and submit your most current resume
  • Submit a cover letter describing future career goals related to being involved in the entrepreneurial and investment community in Michigan.
  • Students must be 18 years old by the start of any internship employment and currently enrolled and in good standing.
  • Undergraduate/graduate students may submit resume, no major would need to be declared to be an eligible candidate.
  • All application submissions will be pre-screened by MVCA to ensure applicants meet initial program criteria.
  • Resumes will be stored and accessible to MVCA members.
  • MVCA does not currently offer an internship program.

Resumes can be submitted throughout the year. Send to: [email protected]