Diversity, Equity & Inclusion

2023 MVCA Research Report

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Diversity, Equity & Inclusion

The MVCA is committed to integrating the promotion of diversity and inclusion into its platform as the voice of Michigan entrepreneurship and investment. We believe that diversity is critical to the process of innovation, and so, we are committed toward fostering an environment of respect, recognition, and valuing of differences based on ethnicity, gender, color, age, race, religion, disability, national origin, socioeconomic background and sexual orientation.

Historically, Venture Capital investing teams look like the portfolios they build. This dynamic leads to founders from underrepresented communities struggling to raise the capital needed to scale their businesses. We believe that a more diverse pool of investors will lead to a more diverse pool of funded founders. Increasing awareness of diversity and inclusion will have a deep impact on member organizations and the communities we are looking to support.

Our diversity and inclusion goals include:

  1. Become a leading voice for diversity in entrepreneurship and investing
  2. Support and expand a diverse pipeline of talent for local members and startups
  3. Hold ourselves as an organization and our members accountable for working to push this mission.

We do not expect these efforts and their intended impact to be realized over the short term, but we are committed to making diversity and inclusion a part of our DNA. Michigan has the history, talent, infrastructure, and demographics to be a true leader in Venture Capital and entrepreneurship. This is our opportunity to prove that we are up to the task to continue our growth in a way that is inclusive and fair.