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Michigan Venture Capital Association Announces the Release of the 2017 Michigan Entrepreneurial & Investment Landscape Guide

Entrepreneurs Can Now Easily Connect with Michigan Investors, Entrepreneurial Support Organizations, and Service Providers

For Immediate Release September 11, 2017 – Ann Arbor, MICH. – The Michigan Venture Capital Association (MVCA) today announced the release of the 2017 Michigan Entrepreneurial & Investment Landscape Guide. The Guide is the state’s only comprehensive compilation of angel organizations, venture capital firms, entrepreneurial support organizations, and service providers active in Michigan’s growing entrepreneurial and investment community. In addition to the Guide, MVCA hosts an interactive Landscape Map on its website that allows users to navigate all the resources featured in the Guide by geographic location, industry sector, and organization type. Together, these tools provide people with the information needed to connect with Michigan’s entrepreneurial and investment community efficiently.

Over the past year, MVCA collected data from venture firms, angel groups, entrepreneurial support organizations and service providers throughout the entire State of Michigan. The 2017 Landscape Guide includes profiles on 152 funding and support organizations that serve Michigan entrepreneurs.

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Snapshot of Michigan’s Entrepreneurial & Investment Landscape

  • There are 2,476 professionals, working at 152 organizations, that serve Michigan entrepreneurs.
  • This includes 56 high-tech angel and venture capital investment organizations actively working in Michigan.
  • The most common area of focus for investors working in Michigan is early-stage information technology.
  • This includes 96 entrepreneurial support organizations in Michigan.
  • The most common area of focus for entrepreneurial support organizations in Michigan is pre-seed stage information technology startups.

“The 2017 Michigan Entrepreneurial & Investment Landscape Guide and the online Landscape Map are fundamental resources for high-tech entrepreneurs who want to launch and grow a business in Michigan, as well as for investors who want to make meaningful connections,” said MVCA Executive Director, Maureen Miller Brosnan. “These tools are designed to connect people with the capital, community, talent, and research necessary to build a strong entrepreneurial and investment community in Michigan.”

Outreach Tour Builds Connections with National Partners

In addition to the release of the 2017 Michigan Entrepreneurial & Investment Landscape Guide and the Landscape Map, MVCA is kicking off a multi-city outreach tour. The tour, which will start in Grand Rapids and head to Chicago and Boston, aims to advance MVCA’s mission of connecting with national partners and educating them about the entrepreneurial community in Michigan.

WHAT: MVCA Outreach Tour

WHEN: September 13 – 20


  • Grand Rapids, September 12
  • Chicago, September 13 – 15
  • Boston, September 18 – 20

MVCA’s outreach tour leads into its Annual Awards Dinner, the organization’s largest event of the year, on November 15th at Little Caesar’s Arena in Detroit.  The 2017 Michigan Entrepreneurial & Investment Landscape Guide and the Landscape Map are both available online at

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