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Intermitten 2019: Building meaningful, effective connections

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Building a strong entrepreneurial and investment community in Michigan hasn’t happened by accident; it’s taken the deliberate creation of meaningful, effective connection points between entrepreneurs, investors and entrepreneurial support organizations.  One of the best opportunities for MVCA members to connect to the vibrant community we’ve all built is on June 4, as Intermitten arrives for its fourth year in Ann Arbor.  This one-day event, which kick’s off Ann Arbor SPARK’s a2Tech360, features relevant speakers from diverse backgrounds, sharing their inspiring stories of entrepreneurial successes and challenges with actionable insights for our community.

Another hallmark of a successful entrepreneurial community is the presence of serial entrepreneurs; that is, leaders who have success at one venture-backed company and continue to launch and grow businesses.  In Michigan, we’re fortunate to have a small group of serial entrepreneurs willing to share their experiences scaling a Michigan-based startup through its ultimate acquisition or exit to the public markets.

One recent member of this elite club will be a featured speaker at Intermitten: Dug Song.  In 2018, Ann Arbor-based cybersecurity company (2018 MVCA Exit of the Year award-winner!) Duo Security was sold to Cisco for $2.35 billion, leaving co-founder and CEO Dug Song with a treasure trove of useful lessons learned to leave as guideposts for the Michigan entrepreneurs behind him.  Dug’s session at Intermitten, titled “Using Financial Equity as a Tool for Social Equity: A Fireside Chat”, will help entrepreneurs leverage their funding sources to positively affect workplace culture and inclusion at their own organizations.

Other topics discussed in the sessions will include diversity, accessibility and inclusion, pitching and capital sources, social transformation, and workplace culture before, during and after an acquisition.  These important themes will explore how to best access (and give) different types of financial capital, how to foster an inclusive environment that drives individual and business success, and how to build meaningful connections that support your success and the success of your community.

Join MVCA members and community leaders, company executives, individual contributors, and aspiring entrepreneurs on June 4 for Intermitten, and learn how to empower those in Michigan’s entrepreneurial and investment community through capital, inclusion and connection. You don’t want to miss this event, which includes all talks, meals, an Intermixer After Party where you can connect with speakers and influencers, and a professional headshot. Register here and use discount code CHANGEMAKER for $10 off the $100 ticket.

 Hope to see you on June 4 at Intermitten!