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Varnum LLP
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  • Gold Service Provider

With 177 lawyers located in eight offices throughout Michigan, Varnum Law serves members of Michigan’s entrepreneurial and investment community with innovative programs and high quality legal counsel and has been a member of MVCA since 2016. Varnum assists emerging companies with all aspects of raising capital, as well as entity formation, shareholder agreements, intellectual property and employment matters. They also work directly with venture capital firms, private equity funds, banks and other lending organizations on their legal needs.



  • Richard Manczak
    Counsel, Varnum LLP
  • Mathew Bower
    Partner, Varnum LLP
  • Timothy Kroninger
    Attorney, Varnum LLP
  • Harvey Koning
    Varnum LLP
  • John Kenny
    Marketing Assistant, Varnum LLP
  • Zachary Meyer
    Attorney, Varnum LLP
  • Mallory Field
    Attorney, Varnum LLP
  • Peter Roth
    Corporate Attorney, Varnum LLP
  • James Eardley
    Partner, Varnum LLP
  • Joseph H. Caffrey
    Chief Marketing Officer, Varnum LLP
  • Julia Dillard
    Event Specialist, Varnum LLP
  • Tamara Bergstrom
    Marketing Manager, Varnum LLP
  • Halle Billinghurst
    Marketing Specialist, Varnum LLP
  • Kathleen Pegg
    Business Development Manager, Varnum LLP

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