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MEMBER NEWS: Great Lakes Angels Invests in Angels, Entrepreneurs with Angel Resource Institute’s Educational Workshop

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Great Lakes Angels is hosting the Angel Investing Overview, an Angel Resource Institute education program on angel investing, at UHY Advisors (27725 Stansbury Blvd., Suite 100, Farmington Hills, MI 48334) on December 3rd.

Great Lakes Angels

Angel Investing Overview (AIO) is the leading seminar for educating angel investors, entrepreneurs, and startup support professionals about how to execute the angel investment process. The AIO will teach you best practices of angel investing in an interactive format Angel Resource Institutethat includes presentations, distinguished panel discussions and case studies. The seminar is taught by ARI’s renowned faculty of certified lead instructors, who each have at least 10 years of experience in angel investing, leading early-stage companies, and managing angel investment groups. Attendees will receive an overview of due diligence, portfolio strategy, valuation methods, post-investment relationships, as well as how to best structure deals.

Our panel of presenters will consist of various highly respectable and successful practitioners and our key speaker/program leader will be John May, Chair-Emeritus of the US Angel Capital Association (ACA). Mr. May has been at the forefront of the angel investor movement and is managing partner of the New Vantage Group, which has organized five angel investing organizations in Washington, D.C. placing funds into more than 50 companies. In addition to having chaired the national US angel association, he is a lead instructor for the “Power of Angel Investing” seminars and conducted sessions with us before.

John May is the managing partner of New Vantage Group, a Vienna, VA firm that innovatively mobilizes private equity into early-stage companies and provides advisory services to both funds and private investors. Mr. May has been at the forefront of the angel investor movement and his experience in private equity capital over the last 20 years ranges from venture capital fund management to angel investing to overseas consulting

Please visit the Great Lakes Angels website ( or contact David Weaver for more information about this exciting educational opportunity.

About ARIThe Angel Resource Institute, founded in 2006, is an innovative nonprofit that focuses on delivering top-notch education on proven best practices in angel investing to both entrepreneurs and investor, as well as delivering the most robust data trends in angel investing. ARI’s commitment to producing premier education and research is rooted in its relationship with the Ewing Marion Kauffman Foundation, which originally developed ARI. Just as the business industry evolves, so does ARI. It is currently expanding its education and research initiatives around the globe, including countries such as India, Canada, Australia, Scotland, Brazil, Israel, England, and elsewhere. For more on ARI’s education programs, contact Jessi Freitag at [email protected].

About GLA – Great Lakes Angels is a nonprofit corporation. The mission is to organize and mentor angel investors and provide a forum for them to grow in knowledge and wealth and foster more of the same – to help invest in entrepreneurial companies in the Region. GLA typically has numerous “deals” presented, high-level content and quality speakers and panelists on key issues of angel investing. Current “Angels” and high net worth “potential Angels” can meet in a confidential and educational environment to discover opportunities for mutual areas of investment. Experts can be identified and shared to assist in due diligence on technologies outside the individual’s own comfort zone and help transition investors into new exciting technologies for the growth of companies in the Region and their own personal portfolio.