Michigan Venture Capital Association offers members access to top-tier talent through the Venture Upstart programs. Thanks to a grant awarded by the Michigan Economic Development Corporation, these programs have played a critical role in building Michigan’s entrepreneurial ecosystem and have allowed our members to attract exceptional talent to both their firms and portfolio companies.

Venture Fellows Program

The Venture Fellows Program aims to increase the number of venture professionals in Michigan and accelerate fundraising and deployment of capital into early stage companies. Selected Venture Fellows are professionals who are early in their venture careers and are hired for two years by a Michigan-based venture firm, with the expectation that they will continue at the firm following the fellowship period. The candidates, who demonstrate a tie to Michigan and an interest in building a venture career here, are directly involved with the venture fund’s portfolio companies.




ExeConnect Program

MVCA is proud to offer the ExeConnect Program to Michigan’s venture capital and angel community.  The program aims to significantly impact a startup’s chance of success by providing access to corporate executives with relevant market or industry expertise or strong domain knowledge in key areas (such as accounting and finance, sales and marketing, and human resources).   Companies can expect to be matched with experienced leaders who can serve as board members, mentors, and advisors as they plan and execute their sales, productivity and financial growth strategies.


Executive Attraction Program

This program is currently out of funding!

The Executive Attraction Program is designed to increase the number of venture-backed executives in Michigan and has been expanded to include all C-level and senior sales and marketing positions at venture-backed firms. It provides assistance with recruiting and first-year salary expenses associated with hiring exceptional talent at qualified MVCA member portfolio companies, with the goal of increasing the number of successful portfolio companies in Michigan.