Michigan Venture and Entrepreneurial Foundation

MVEF is a 501c3 nonprofit launched in 2021 and affiliated with the Michigan Venture Capital Association (MVCA) to create programs and initiatives that support the entrepreneurial and venture and angel investor community throughout the state of Michigan.

Focus Areas

Diversity, Equity & Inclusion

Historically, venture capital investing teams look like the portfolios they build. This dynamic leads to founders from underrepresented communities struggling to raise the capital needed to scale their businesses.

We believe that a more diverse pool of investors will lead to a more diverse pool of funded founders. Increasing awareness of diversity and inclusion will have a deep impact on member organizations and the communities we are looking to support.

Education & Growth

There is a significant demand in Michigan for young professionals with career aspirations in venture capital. Providing the necessary educational programs (i.e. internships, fellowships) and resources is a need in order to provide the next generation of investors the right tools for success.

Michigan’s burgeoning community of entrepreneurs, venture capital firms, and angel networks have created an environment ripe with demand for the programs and services. Establishing educational investor programming, startup entrepreneurial workshops and other resources for the entrepreneurial community.

Research & Publications

Venture Capital research is a critical source of quantitative and qualitative information for stakeholders, who utilize it for building messaging and materials that effectively communicate opportunities for the continued support of early-stage companies in Michigan.

  • Capturing and distributing impactful research to inform investor trends and community initiatives.
  • Publications and reports that promote dialogue between the investor and entrepreneurial community in Michigan.

Board of Directors

  • Jeffrey Rinvelt, Renaissance Venture Capital, Chair
  • Doug Neal, eLab Ventures, Treasurer
  • Kim Pasquino, Wakestream Ventrues, Secretary


  • Ara Topouzian, Executive Director
For more information on MVEF, please contact Ara Topouzian
Michigan VCtalk is a podcast series (launched in 2020) developed by the Michigan Venture Capital Association (MVCA). Each episode will focus on guests such as investors, entrepreneurs, and other thoughtful leaders that are making a difference in the Michigan ecosystem.
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