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2016 Follow On Recap

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mvca_74startupswithstatebkgdMVCA Executive Director Maureen Miller Brosnan opened the 2016 Michigan Growth Capital Symposium (MGCS) with a startling statistic from the 2016 MVCA Research Report: for every dollar invested by a Michigan venture firm, $4.31 is attracted from a venture firm outside of Michigan.  That important out-of-state investment activity is supported by events like MGCS, where “MVCA members can network with peers in the Great Lakes Region and beyond.”  She encouraged attendees to “take advantage of MGCS as a time to share the good news surrounding our growing Michigan venture community with out-of-state partners and learn how investors from all over the world are finding opportunities right here in our state.”

What that directive in mind, MVCA hosted its annual investor-only reception, The Follow On, after the first day’s agenda was complete.  The 2016 Follow On was graciously sponsored by Renaissance Venture Capital Fund and the Michigan Economic Development Corporation.  Thanks to the record-breaking 155 attendees who made this a valuable event!