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Highlights from MGCS & “The Big House” Reception

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MVCA loved celebrating Michigan’s entrepreneurial and investment community at Michigan Growth Capital Symposium (MGCS) last week – check out some of our highlights!

MGCS teamed up with Coulter Investment Forum for its 36th annual investor event that brings together over 500 angel investors, venture capitalists, entrepreneurs, university technology transfer offices, and researchers from across the nation. MGCS is a great opportunity for the investment community connect with high-growth, high-potential companies who are seeking funding as well as learn about innovations occurring across a broad range of sectors.

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Attracting Capital to MichiganConnections Made

The main highlight of the conference was of course the excellent connections made between the attendees.  MVCA Executive Director, Maureen Miller Brosnan kicked off her keynote presentation at MGCS with highlights from the 2017 MVCA Research Report. She emphasized the critical role Michigan’s venture capital community plays in building a network and attracting and leveraging out-of-state investment capital.  She also highlighted three ways attendees could share their success stories using @MichiganVCA!

More than 340 venture capital firms from outside of Michigan have invested in Michigan startups, which is a 269% increase in the last five years. This demonstrates extraordinary growth but also brought into focus the importance of building strong connections with investors throughout the country and introducing valuable new players to Michigan’s vibrant entrepreneurial and investment community.

Valuable Insights

Throughout the conference, Michigan’s investors and entrepreneurs shared valuable insight about opportunities and challenges facing the community. Questions focused on what investors look for in a management team, how investors partner with entrepreneurs, and what attracts people to Michigan’s entrepreneurial and investment community. Watch more of the interviews live from the conference.

MGCS After Party

Michigan Growth Capital Symposium is a great opportunity to connect local and out-of-state investors and entrepreneurs. With that directive in mind, MVCA captured many of these connections during the evening reception and encouraged everyone to show their #MVCAPride! Attendees also gathered for a group photo on the field of University of Michigan for the opportunity to capture the magnitude and excitement of Michigan’s entrepreneurial and investment community!

Thank you to everyone who participated in the video interviews, photos, and shared their excitement for Michigan’s entrepreneurial and investment community on social media!