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Meet Fishman Stewart PLLC

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Fishman Stewart is a premier specialty law firm that identifies, secures, and advances the creativity of its clients to accomplish their business goals.  In addition to the firm’s decades of legal expertise, many of its attorneys also have advanced technical degrees and associated practical work experience.  As strategic advisers to CEOs and senior executives throughout the world, Fishman Stewart helps to maximize the value of “intellectual capital.” Patents, trademarks, copyrights, trade secrets and other forms of intellectual property are key elements of a company’s business strategy; managed effectively, they can protect new product lines, increase market share and head off competition.

The firm believes that creativity should be managed in the same way that companies manage their physical capital. While all companies have strategies for maximizing and leveraging their use of physical capital, they may not have a plan for protecting their creativity. Safeguarding the assets of a new enterprise in a strategic manner is crucial to defining and driving long-term business value, which ultimately separates a bad investment from a great one. MVCA members include Michael Stewart, and Douglas LaLone.

“Fishman Stewart  provides investors and entrepreneurs with the expertise and resources necessary to achieve maximum return from intellectual property assets,” said Chris Stallman, partner at Fontinalis Partners. “This, in turn, helps Michigan startups transform into successful companies that fuel the state’s economy.”

Each year, the MVCA Membership Committee and MVCA Board of Directors extend a limited number of invitations to a carefully curated selection of professional service firms.  These are elite organizations who have been identified by MVCA as being valuable partners within the entrepreneurial and investment community.

MVCA and its membership are grateful to our valued 2021 Service Provider Members and thank Fishman Stewart for their involvement in the Michigan entrepreneurial and investment community!

About 2021 Service Provider Membership

As a Bronze Service Provider Member, Fishman Stewart receives exclusive access to MVCA events, brand exposure on and at MVCA events, and premium ad placement in the two most sought after resources for the entrepreneurial and investment community in Michigan, the MVCA Annual Research Report and Landscape Guide and much more!  The number of service provider members is capped by MVCA to guarantee sector exclusivity and access to the MVCA membership, providing superior relationship building opportunities.  To explore the levels of MVCA Service Provider Membership available, click here.