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Legislative Alert: 2017 Michigan Venture Capital and Angel Investment Week

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MVCAlertThis week begins the State’s second Michigan Venture Capital & Angel Investment Week (April 16-22, 2017). Sen. Rebekah Warren introduced the resolution on the Senate floor, where it passed March 28. The legislative community plays a key role in ensuring venture and angel investor’s voices are heard in order to build stronger capital momentum in Michigan.

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MVCA legislative alert: Michigan venture capital & angel investment week
Sen. Rebekah Warren and MVCA Executive Director, Maureen Miller Brosnan

The statewide recognition coincides with the release of the 2017 MVCA Research Report. The Michigan Venture Capital Association, founded in 2002, is celebrating 15 years of success in the entrepreneurial and investment community in Michigan. Venture capital and angel investors are funding Michigan’s most innovative entrepreneurs and working closely with them to transform breakthrough ideas into new companies and industries that drive Michigan job creation and economic growth.

Entrepreneurs, powered by the capital, networks, and support of Michigan investors, are moving Michigan forward by building high-growth, high-potential businesses. There are currently 141 venture-backed companies in Michigan, a 48% increase in the last five years.

“All indications point to the long-term vitality of the entrepreneurial community in Michigan, but we still have work to do to ensure that there remains a robust capital continuum for Michigan’s entrepreneurs and their growing companies, ” said MVCA Executive Director, Maureen Miller Brosnan. “The ability to adequately fund companies at all stages of growth is critical to building companies in Michigan, keeping them in Michigan, and ensuring Michigan’s health in the long run.”

By partnering with state government, economic development organizations, higher education institutions, and institutional investors, we are ready to continue our commitment to funding the brilliance and talent that resides in Michigan entrepreneurs and making Michigan the state where companies come to grow.

For more information on how you can support MVCA’s legislative efforts, contact Maureen Miller Brosnan at [email protected].