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Advocacy Day for MVCA in Lansing, MI!

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On February 21, 2024, the Michigan Venture Capital Association (MVCA) made a significant impact at the state capital in #LansingMI. Together Adrian Fortino (MVCA Board member and Advocacy Chair) and Ara Topouzian (MVCA Executive Director) engaged with key legislators and their teams to emphasize the critical role of #venturecapital in driving our statewide economy forward.

Meetings were held with:

Carol Glanville, State Rep, 84th District
Jason Morgan, State Rep, 23rd District
Phil Skaggs, State Representative, 80th District
Mallory McMorrow, State Senator, 8th District
Jeff Irwin, State Senator, 15th District
Mary Cavanagh, State Senator, 6th District
Kristen McDonald Rivet, State Senator, 35th District
Mark Huizenga, State Senator, 30th District

MVCA underscored the urgent requirement for additional early-stage capital, resources, and incentives to ensure Michigan’s competitiveness not just within the Great Lakes region, but across the nation. Delighted to report that our message resonated well, with a receptive audience.

Advocacy remains at the forefront of MVCA’s agenda as we strive to meet the diverse needs of our members. Diversification stands as our primary strategy to bolster scalable, high-growth industries led by Michigan’s talented entrepreneurs.

Heartfelt appreciation to our legislative leaders for their invaluable time and unwavering support!