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We Need Your Help Defining The American Angel

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Calling All Angels – Be Part of “The American Angel” Campaign

Are you an accredited angel investor?  Help us support Angel Capital Association and Wharton Entrepreneurship who need ten minutes of your time to make a big difference for startup investing.

Please take this confidential survey to help us put a face to angel investors: who they are, how they became angels, and what factors influence their investing activity.

Few facts are known about the 200,000+ American angels who wield immense economic influence in the U.S. startup economy.  Estimates show angels invested $24B in more than 73,000 startup deals in 2014, fueling the economic engine of our country.

But what does anyone really know about us, the people behind these investments?

Let’s find the truth. Many believe that angels are only in Silicon Valley, Boston and New York, and they only invest in companies in those communities.  Michigan has 10 angel groups and nearly 300 angels who invest through those groups – so lets make our voices heard!  What is the average size check individual angels write nation-wide? How did they first get involved in angel investing? How much does geography and industry experience play into their funding decisions?  Help us get to the bottom of these questions.

Angels who take The American Angel survey will get the survey results early and will also be eligible for drawings for complimentary tickets to ACA-sponsored angel education events. Another reason to participate is that it will give ACA the data needed to talk with Congress and the SEC to ensure better policies for startup investing.

Please take ten minutes to do the survey. It is confidential and doesn’t get into your specific deals.  And share it with your angel friends too.  The bigger the dataset, the better!