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January 31 Pointe Angels

Pointe Angels is an independent investor club in the Grosse Pointe communities, east of Detroit, Michigan. Founded in 2019, Pointe Angels provides members with opportunities for meaningful financial returns on capital investments in scalable early-stage ventures. Pointe Angels favors Michigan start-ups, but invests globally.

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July 12 Northern Michigan Angels

Northern Michigan Angels is a premier network of successful entrepreneurs and business leaders in Northern Michigan who provide accredited investment capital, strategic advice, and mentoring to early-stage companies. The mission of the angel group is to help grow the economic base of Northern Michigan and to provide members an outstanding financial return on their time […]

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July 12 Ka-Zoo Angels

Ka-Zoo Angels formed as an affiliate of Grand Angels in August 2017. Together Ka-Zoo and Grand Angels have created a larger presence in Michigan to efficiently deploy more capital in the startup space. Ka-Zoo Angels has seen 15 pitches and has invested $385,000 in seven companies. The organization measures impact through business growth, job creation, […]

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July 12 Muskegon Angels

Muskegon Angels is a member-led organization committed to finding, funding, and mentoring great young companies from pitch through successful exit. Its priority is job creation, with a particular emphasis on Muskegon-area development.

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July 12 Innovation Shore Angel Network

The Innovation Shore Angels Network aim to grow the economic base of the Upper Peninsula through the growth of early to mid-stage companies and provide members an above market financial return on their invested capital and time commitment.

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July 12 BlueWater Angels Investment Network

BlueWater Angels is a network of accredited investors and select organizations investing capital in promising companies in the Great Lakes Bay Region. The group recognizes the value of supporting and nurturing the entrepreneurial community for the economic benefit of Mid-Michigan and the State of Michigan. BlueWater Angels addresses the tremendous shortage of seed capital through […]

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July 12 Capital Community Angel Investors

Capital Community Angel Investors is a nonprofit organization that seeks to introduce qualified entrepreneurs to its member investors. The group looks for Michigan-based “disruptive” early stage investments that offer sustainable competitive advantage.

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July 12 Ann Arbor Angels

Ann Arbor Angels was founded in 2004 and has evolved into a member-driven angel investment organization, comprised of former CEOs and founders as well as business and investment leaders in the Ann Arbor community. Ann Arbor Angels invests in young companies with breakthrough products or services. In addition to providing capital, they share expertise, provide […]

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July 12 Woodward Angels

Woodward Angels activates early stage, founder friendly investment capital for high-growth startups in and around Detroit. We invest in tech and digitally scaling companies at the pre-seed and seed stage, and invest our time and energy in helping those companies succeed.

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