Executive Attraction


This program is currently out of funding!

The Executive Attraction Program is designed to increase the number of venture-backed executives in Michigan and has been expanded to include all C-level and senior sales and marketing positions at venture-backed firms. It provides assistance with recruiting and first-year salary expenses associated with hiring exceptional talent at qualified MVCA member portfolio companies, with the goal of increasing the number of successful portfolio companies in Michigan.  This program is supported by the Michigan Economic Development Corporation.


Any Michigan-based portfolio company that has raised or is in process of raising a venture round from at least one Michigan-based venture capital firm may apply to the MVCA’s Executive Attraction program to receive assistance with the recruiting/relocation fees and first year salary of a new C-Level Executive or Vice President.

Program Guidelines


Michigan Companies

  • ArborMetrix
    Hired Brett Furst, Senior Executive

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  • FarmLogs
    Hired Abdullah Haydar, VP of Engineering

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  • Histosonics
    Hired Christine Gibbons, Chief Executive Officer

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  • Local Orbit
    Hired Eric Meister, Chief of Operations

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  • Nutshell
    Hired Shane Bliemaster, VP of Marketing

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  • Varsity News Network
    Hired Lucian Taylor, VP of Product

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