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Bioscience Navigators
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Breakthrough bioscience innovation is not restricted by geography. With experienced & dedicated early leadership, breakthrough scientific discoveries from anywhere can chart a course for global impact and development of sustainable local bioscience ecosystems. Our current geographic focus is Michigan and Portugal, where there is more great science that the number of management teams to translate the science commercially. Bioscience Navigators provides experienced executive and operational leadership to early academic and other innovative science at the earliest stages of technical proof-of-concept and lead them through the earliest stages of commercial proof-of-concept ready for VC-backed Series A funding, strategic out-license or acquisition. Our team then collaboratively transitions out to full-time company management or to an acquiring team.



  • John Prista Freshley
    Chairman, Bioscience Navigators

Stages of Investment

  • Seed

Sectors of Investment

  • n/a

IT Subsectors

Life Science Subsectors

  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Diagnostics
  • Biotechnology
  • Animal Health/Agriculture

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