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Bodman PLC
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Bodman law firm is best known for providing sophisticated, creative and practical solutions to some of the region’s most successful companies and wealthiest individuals on a broad range of issues. The firm’s Emerging Companies and Venture Capital practice assists venture capital funds and angel investors who are looking to invest in and partner with promising companies. As business advisors, Bodman attorneys can provide emerging companies with pragmatic, down-to-earth advice that is aimed to place clients in the best position for future success.



  • Joe Morrison
    Attorney, Bodman PLC
  • Carrie Leahy
    Partner, Bodman PLC
  • Sarah Williams
    Bodman PLC
  • Timothy Damschroder
    Member, Bodman PLC
  • Mary Ruvo
    Office Manager, Bodman PLC
  • Michael Vukich
    Member, Bodman PLC
  • Tina Chen
    Director of Marketing, Dickinson Wright
  • Anthony Allegrina
    Director of Business Development and Marketing, Bodman PLC
  • Michael S. Melfi
    Bodman PLC
  • Randy Becker
    COO, Bodman PLC
  • Joseph Michniacki
    Bodman PLC
  • Stephen Dunn
    Bodman PLC

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