Fontinalis Partners

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Fontinalis Partners

Fontinalis Partners

Fontinalis Partners

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Fontinalis Partners, founded in 2009 and with offices in Detroit and Boston, is a venture capital firm strategically focused on next-generation mobility (i.e., the efficient movement of goods, people, and services). The firm invests across all facets of the world’s mobility systems on a stage-agnostic basis.



  • Ralph Booth
    Founder and Managing Partner, Fontinalis Partners
  • Mark Schulz
    Founder and Special Venture Partner, Fontinalis Partners
  • Christopher Stallman
    Partner, Fontinalis Partners
  • Daniel Ratliff
    Partner, Fontinalis Partners
  • Sharon Massetti
    Director of Accounting, Fontinalis Partners
  • Chris Cheever
    Founder and Partner, Fontinalis Partners
  • Christopher Thomas
    Founder and Partner, Fontinalis Partners
  • Laura Petterle
    Partner, CFO, Fontinalis Partners
  • Amy Dai
    Associate, Fontinalis Partners

Stages of Investment

  • Seed
  • Growth/Expansion

Sectors of Investment

  • Mobility

IT Subsectors

  • Software

Life Science Subsectors


  • Assets Under Management $165,000,000

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