Ludlow Ventures

Venture Capital Firm

Ludlow Ventures

Ludlow operates differently because it’s a different kind of VC. It believes in VC without ego. The team wears their hearts on their sleeves, avoiding the puffery and posturing that has given venture capital a bad name. The firm funds the dreams of entrepreneurs and startups, becoming close friends with all of the teams they invest in. VC is a customer service business; whether it’s testing product, leveraging their network, or forcing people to download a company’s app, they’re here to help.



  • Brett DeMarrias
    Partner, Ludlow Ventures
  • Jonathon Triest
    Founding and Managing Partner, Ludlow Ventures

Stages of Investment

  • Idea/Pre-Seed
  • Seed

Sectors of Investment

  • Business Services
  • Consumer Products
  • Media
  • Mobility
  • Other

IT Subsectors

  • Hardware
  • Other
  • Software

Life Science Subsectors


  • Assets Under Management $60,000,000

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