Macomb-Oakland University INCubator

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Macomb-Oakland University INCubator

Macomb-Oakland University INCubator

Macomb-Oakland University INCubator


The Macomb-Oakland University Incubator supports economic development in Southeast Michigan by accelerating high-tech businesses, cultivating academic innovation and encouraging research and development in the targeted industries of defense, homeland security, advanced manufacturing, and technology. Its mission is to provide comprehensive development and support services to startup and emerging businesses, support an entrepreneurial climate, commercialize new technologies, attract investment, and create new jobs. In addition, Mac-OU Inc manages the publicly-accessible, unclassified Velocity Hub of the Michigan Cyber Range (MCR), powered by the Merit Network, the first-of-its-kind, connected-to-an-incubator program targeted towards startup companies in Michigan.



  • Mark Ignash
    Client Support Admin and Strategist, Macomb-Oakland University INCubator
  • Rachel Louzon
    Business Manager, Macomb-Oakland University INCubator
  • Joan Carleton
    Marketing and Communications Manager, Macomb-Oakland University INCubator
  • Andrea Chom
    Support Services Coordinator, Macomb-Oakland University INCubator
  • Mike Brennan
    Capital Strategist, Macomb-Oakland University INCubator
  • John Eaton
    Client Strategist, Macomb-Oakland University INCubator
  • Larry Herriman
    VP of Communication, CMU Research Corporation (Mount Pleasant SmartZone)

Company Stages Served

  • Idea/Pre-Seed
  • Seed

Industry Sectors Served

  • Alternative Energy
  • Consumer Products
  • Mobility
  • Other

Types of Programs Offered

  • Business Acceleration
  • Business Retention/Expansion/Attraction
  • Capital
  • Incubation
  • Other
  • Talent Attraction/Retention
  • Talent Development

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