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Michigan Capital Advisors is a private investment firm that helps grow companies possessing a sustainable competitive advantage or disruptive technology. MCA is focused on companies within the broader transportation and logistics industries, along with companies in diversified manufacturing, value added distribution, industrial services, aerospace & defense, and green or renewable technologies. Founded in 2016, Michigan Capital Advisors sees a tremendous opportunity to invest in proven management teams with demonstrable track records. MCA evaluates three types of opportunities; post-seed venture capital investments, operationally focused minority investments, and traditional private equity investments. MCA does not have a committed fund and raises capital from our LPs on a deal-by-deal basis. We provide our LPs access to each company from the beginning of the deal process through exit, which in turn provides significant value to our portfolio companies and their management teams. The industry knowledge and customer relationships MCA partners have in the transportation and manufacturing industries, coupled with operational expertise and efficient access to appropriate capital, ensures the ability to develop and implement a value creation thesis.



  • Michael Roth
    Vice President, Michigan Capital Advisors
  • Charles "Chip" McClure
    Managing Partner, Michigan Capital Advisors

Stages of Investment

  • Growth/Expansion

Sectors of Investment

  • Mobility

IT Subsectors

Life Science Subsectors


  • Assets Under Management $9,500,000

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