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Michigan Capital Network is looking for an Executive Vice President

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The Position
The Executive Vice President reports to the CEO of the Michigan Capital Network Association (MCN) and, in partnership with the Board, is responsible for the success of the MCN Angel Network through growing, educating, and diversifying a state-wide network of early-stage investors. The Angel Network includes Grand Angels, Woodward Angels, Flint Angels and Ka-Zoo Angels.

Together, the CEO, Executive Vice President and the Board will assure the execution of MCN’s mission to achieve its vision and fulfill its purpose. The EVP will collaborate closely with the staff of MCN Ventures to provide early-stage investment opportunities to members and funding to companies in the Great Lakes region, particularly Michigan.

The CEO and the Board delegates responsibility for management and day-to-day operations to the EVP, and the authority to carry out these responsibilities, in accordance with the direction and policies established by the Board.

The Context
MCN has an ambitious vision being launched from the success of Grand Angels. Figuring out how to achieve this vision is a work-in-progress. The successful candidate will need to employ flexibility, experiment, make decisions in the face of imperfect or incomplete information, evaluate and adapt. Much like a startup, the budget is initially quite lean and the staff small. The EVP will need to have their hands in the clay alongside the staff and collaborators. Business development skills and the ability to effectively use a network will be crucial to success. In short, someone with entrepreneurial skills and mindset will thrive in this position.

The Responsibilities

Membership – Lead the angel organizations in each market building enthusiasm for angel investing through education and financial performance.
Market – Assist with marketing and promoting angel organizations through social media, press releases and other professional groups.
Community – Build relationships with underrepresented communities, members and investors.
Value Proposition – Deliver high value content to our membership through enjoyable meetings, networking events, high quality deal flow, reporting and organization.
Growth – Grow the MCN organization through new memberships, statewide sponsor relationships, economic development grants, and portfolio company support.
Staff – Build, support and lead the MCN team with local market Directors, office staff and partner relationships.

Education – Deliver angel and venture capital educational content to the MCN membership through partner relationships, investment partners and community leaders.
Financial Stability – Position the MCN 501c6 non-profit member organization for long term financial stability and success.
Affiliate Groups – Build new angel groups in new cities in Michigan or use the MCN network to support existing angel groups.
Investments – Coordinate new investments between the MCN membership and the MCN venture capital funds.
Economic Success – Support portfolio companies by tapping the networks, advice, and capital of the members.

Angel Organization – Continue to evolve the MCN Angel organization to a rapidly changing early-stage investment environment.
Partner – Continue to build strong relationships with co-investment partners, portfolio companies, and later stage investment groups.
Investment Offerings – Assist with the growth, development, syndication and management of MCN’s combined venture capital and angel investing offerings.
Communication – Support a high level of communication to our members, investor partners, portfolio companies, state support organizations and sponsors.

Strong personal commitment to MCN purpose
Ability to effectively communicate our value proposition and purpose
Ability to plan and take initiative
Ability to prioritize and self-manage
Adaptable and flexible
Generalist mindset and skills (leader, manager, do-er)
Angel investment or venture capital investment experience or knowledge
Board relations & reporting experience
Ability to manage a distributed team
Speaking, networking, and writing to represent MCN statewide
Experience in developing and managing to a budget
Basic financial statement literacy

Member organization experience
Programming and education experience
Experience in biz dev tools and process for members and/or sponsors
Experience with early-stage investing (e.g. as an investor, as a founder, as a VC)
Accredited investor status and personal interest in early-stage investing
Mergers and acquisitions (inorganic growth for MCN)
Non-profit reporting requirements
Board recruiting and management (MCN Angels)
To affiliate chapter events on occasion
To statewide venture capital events (e.g. MVCA, funding competitions)

Apply Today
Find the Responsibilities and Qualifications outlined in the Job Description (pdf), then follow this link to submit your information and resume on Indeed. We will reply within a week to let you know next steps.