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MVCAcademy Provides Educational Sessions to Venture Fellows

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On April 25th, the latest group of Venture Fellows within the MVCA (Michigan Venture Capital Association) convened for MVCAcademy, a comprehensive one-day educational event tailored specifically for this cohort. MVCAcademy serves as a pivotal platform, offering an immersive deep-dive into a myriad of crucial topics spanning from the intricacies of deal sourcing to insightful narratives of industry experiences, commonly referred to as “war stories.” This initiative is indispensable in cultivating a vibrant and inclusive ecosystem, fostering robust relationships between entrepreneurs and investors alike. Through MVCAcademy, participants gain invaluable insights, not only enhancing their individual skill sets but also contributing to the cultivation of a thriving entrepreneurial landscape.

Special thank you to all of our instructors/panelists including:

Ben Bernstein, Principal, Beringea
Monica Wheat, Managing Director, Techstars Detroit Powered by JP Morgan
Prem Bodagala, Senior Vice President, Venture and Director, ID Ventures
Paul D’Amato, CEO & Managing Director, Michigan Capital Network
Keith Brophy, CEO, ADHD Online
Lindsey Kilbride, Principal, Detroit Venture Partners
Irene Liu, CEO & Co-Founder, Chiyo
Meagan Malm, Senior Principal & Director of Operations, Michigan Capital Network
Brandon Schram, Managing Partner, 640 Oxford
Alison Todak, Director of Platform, Plymouth Growth
Evan Ufer, Partner, Plymouth Growth
Guy Suter, Co-Founder & Chairman, Nutshell
Kim Pasquino, Managing Director, Wakestream Ventures
Tom Shehab, Managing Partner, Arboretum Ventures
Chris Stallman, Managing Partner, Fontinalis Partners

The Michigan Venture Capital Association is proud to offer the Venture Fellows Program to Michigan’s venture capital community. The program, launched in 2023, is designed to increase the number of venture professionals in Michigan in order to accelerate the fundraising and deployment of capital into early-stage companies. Current funding for the Venture Fellows program is provided though a grant from the Michigan Economic Development Corporation.