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Paycheck Protection Program in Michigan

Small Business Assoc of Michigan (SBAM) is working to create a coalition of small businesses to help them maximize the benefits/opportunities under the Paycheck Protection Program. CLICK HERE to read more about the program.

The goal is to get as many companies committed to sign up because:

  • Once the website goes live SBAM want to have a lot of small businesses signed up or ready to sign up.
  • The money the federal government has set aside is limited, therefore the faster Michigan businesses have their requests in – the better! The website (currently under construction) is a calculation tool that helps the company see what they can borrow to keep their company going and how much of the loan could be forgiven, based on certain criteria and parameters.

The contact person at SBAM for the groups to reach out to is Micah Babcock

Posted April 2, 2020 in COVID19 | Entrepreneurial Resource News