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Stage of Investment: Seed

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March 31 Michigan Outdoor Innovation Fund

The Michigan Outdoor Innovation Fund is a statewide $3 million pre-seed fund powered by InvestUP. The Fund is supported by the Michigan Economic Development Corporation (MEDC) through the Michigan Innovate Capital Fund initiative to support early-stage Michigan start-ups commercializing competitive edge technologies. The Michigan Outdoor Innovation Fund will make pre-seed investments ($50,000 up to $250,000) […]

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January 31 Pointe Angels

Pointe Angels is an independent investor club in the Grosse Pointe communities, east of Detroit, Michigan. Founded in 2019, Pointe Angels provides members with opportunities for meaningful financial returns on capital investments in scalable early-stage ventures. Pointe Angels favors Michigan start-ups, but invests globally.

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August 17 TGap Ventures

TGap Ventures serves entrepreneurs throughout the Midwest by helping them define, develop, grow, and build value in their businesses. The TGap team is a mix of successful venture capitalists, managers, and entrepreneurs with aptitudes, experience, empathy, realism and patience required to build great businesses from, and add value to, developing companies. TGap invests in medical […]

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August 17 MadDog Technology

MadDog Technology is a venture operator and investor. In addition to investing, the company partners with venture capital firms and entrepreneurs to immediately complete the full team required to elevate each venture to expansion-round funding or the next level. MadDog Technology specializes in advanced technology and mobile device development.

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August 17 Resonant Venture Partners

Resonant Venture Partners is a venture capital firm that invests in early-stage companies developing security, industrial IoT and cloud-based products and services.

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August 17 Augment Ventures

Augment Ventures invests in software, software-enabled hardware, and physical sciences innovations that drive impact in efficiency, sustainability, and health and wellness through products we use at work and home.

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August 17 Allos Ventures

Allos invests in early-stage companies, augmenting the capital provided by founders and angel investors who have helped the companies reach a stage at which they have initial customers and are ready for their first institutional financing round. Allos believes an “engaged” approach to venture capital investing is critical to the success of these companies. The […]

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August 17 Apjohn Ventures

Apjohn Ventures is a life sciences-focused fund which does deals in Michigan and the Midwest. Nine portfolio companies with several exits were part of the fund, including Afmedica, ProNAi, ZyStor, Ikano, Asterand, Cytopherx, Renamed, Svelte, Kereos. The partners have been involved in starting a third of these companies and assisted in raising over $300M in […]

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August 17 Wakestream Ventures

Wakestream Ventures, previously a part of Start Garden, wears the hat of early stage financier and likes startups that take advantage of the Midwest expertise in manufacturing and global enterprise. Wakestream backs fascinating founders working where physical products converge with the internet.

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