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Tamarind Hill fund announces Updox was acquired by EverCommerce

Exciting news from MVCA member, Tamarind Hill about the announcement of one of their portfolio companies, Updox recent acquisition.

EverCommerce, a leading service commerce platform, completed the acquisition of Updox, a complete healthcare communication platform for in-person and virtual care. Headquartered in Dublin, OH, Updox serves more than 560,000 users across healthcare practices, health systems and pharmacies and more than 210 million patients. It facilitated over 3.5 million telehealth visits since March and continues to support more than 15,000 visits per day. The company will join EverCommerce’s portfolio of health services companies, enabling it to provide customers with faster access to more products, a broader suite of solutions and more resources. READ MORE >

Posted January 15, 2021 in Uncategorized