Legislative Alert: 2017 Michigan Venture Capital and Angel Investment Week

This week begins the State’s second Michigan Venture Capital & Angel Investment Week (April 16-22, 2017). Sen. Rebekah Warren introduced the resolution on the Senate floor, where it passed March 28. The legislative community plays a key role in ensuring venture and angel investor’s voices are heard in order to build stronger capital momentum in… read more

2017 State and National Policy Update

The 2016 presidential election may have given Michigan an instant starring role in the national political conversation, but its position in the national venture capital community has been steadily growing for years.  That esteem, along with its growing influence in national industry trends, brought NVCA Vice President of Government Affairs Justin Field to Michigan in… read more


Legislative Alert: Representative Jeff Farrington Lays Groundwork for Angel Investment Program – House Bills 5786 and 5787

Today in Lansing, more than just the State Capitol is under construction.  Representative Jeff Farrington (R-30) laid the groundwork for an Angel Investment Program when he introduced House Bills 5786 and 5787, designed to allow qualified angel investors to claim a tax credit against their personal income tax liability. MVCA was there to discuss the details… read more

2016 Mackinac Policy Conference Recap

by Maureen Brosnan Miller, Executive Director, MVCA Mackinac Island was showing off this year – the skies were blue, the clouds were few, geraniums and lilacs were in full bloom and the Island was bustling with business and political power players at the Detroit Regional Chamber’s annual Mackinac Policy Conference.  The focus for this year’s… read more

Legislative Alert: 2016 Michigan Venture Capital and Angel Investment Week Resolution Passes Michigan Senate Unanimously

This week begins the state’s first Michigan Venture Capital & Angel Investment Week April 17-23, 2016.  Sen. Rebekah Warren introduced the resolution on the Senate floor, where it passed unanimously last Thursday. “Michigan is one of the top performers in the national venture capital and angel investment communities, bucking national trends toward declining venture capital… read more

Legislative Alert: Michigan HB4195 and 4196 pass with crucial amendment to support future venture investment

Recently, MVCA was successful in working with the Senate Committee on Economic Development in passing an amendment to HB4195 and HB4196 that allows for income earned by the State as a result of venture capital investment to go back to fund future state investment in venture capital vs. the general fund.  The Michigan venture capital… read more

Federal Legislative Alert: Bills HR 9 and S 1137

The National Venture Capital Association is heavily involved in national policy issues facing the venture capital community.  NVCA is concerned with three specific areas that we wanted the MVCA membership to be aware of: Fee Shifting – Both bills will increase the risk of patent litigation for startups by creating an overly broad fee shifting… read more

2015 Mackinac Policy Conference Recap

by Maureen Brosnan Miller, Executive Director, MVCA Think of geraniums, America’s longest front porch and horse drawn carriages and instantly you’re transported to Mackinac Island. It sounds like a Pure Michigan ad, and in many ways it is, but this version has the added advantage of having many of Michigan’s top policy leaders and agenda… read more


Recently, House legislative leadership introduced a road funding plan (HB 4607 & 4608) that would decimate MEDC’s economic, business, community development, job training and entrepreneurship programs through a proposed $185 million reduction in its operational budget.  The House Roads and Economic Development Committee met yesterday and heard testimony from many in the entrepreneurial ecosystem.  As… read more