MEMBER NEWS: InfoReady Completes $1.1 Million in Seed Funding

InfoReady Completes $1.1 Million in Seed Funding Company’s Social Media Technology Addressing $650 Billion Information Overload Problem Ann Arbor, MI – Startup software company InfoReady Corp. has raised $250,000 in seed capital from Automation Alley, closing out $1.1 million in first-round funding. InfoReady’s core technology helps knowledge workers find relevant information quickly with advanced search… read more

MVCA Members Briefed on Registration Requirements of Dodd-Frank Act

Attorneys Carrie Leahy (Bodman), Audrey DiMarzo (Honigman), and Brad Wyatt (Dickinson Wright) briefed MVCA members January 24 about what’s now required of venture firms under the terms of the Dodd-Frank Wall Street Reform and Consumer Protection Act (Pub.L. 111-203, H.R. 4173). The Act, passed into law in 2010, may require many venture capital firms to… read more

MVCA Roundtable: VC & C- Level Executive Breakfast

Michigan entrepreneurs Rob Malan (Co-founder & Chief Technology Officer, Arbor Networks), Ted Dacko (Former President and CEO, HealthMedia Founder, Arbor Dakota Strategies), Josh Linkner (Founder and Chairman, ePrize Managing Director, Detroit Venture Partners), and Tim Mayleben (President & CEO, Aastrom Biosciences) joined moderator Mina Sooch for a lively panel discussion on the challenges and opportunities… read more

Female portfolio CEOs wanted for White House summit March 22

The White House is looking for some women-led high growth businesses that could be invited to a March 22 Treasury event in D.C with Secretary Geithner and SBA head Karen Mills, among others.  This event is all about availability and access to capital for small companies.  If you have any women CEOs at your portfolio… read more

MVCA members Mary and Brian Campbell honored with Lifetime Achievement Award

The MVCA community congratulates long-time Michigan venture investor and past MVCA Chairman Mary Campbell of EDF Ventures, and her husband, Brian Campbell, for the lifetime achievement award they recently received at the annual mergers and acquisitions awards event hosted by Crain’s Detroit Business and the Association for Corporate Growth!  Their hard work, humor, passion for… read more

Another Michigan start-up company success…

Michigan venture capital-backed companies like Accuri Cytometers looking to emulate the exit of a local peer couldn’t choose much better than HandyLab, whose 2009 sale to global technology firm Becton, Dickinson and Company (NYSE: BDX) netted investors $275 million.  But then, Accuri Cytometers CEO, Jeff Williams, is more familiar than most with that deal—he was… read more

PRESS RELEASE: With Support of the Michigan Growth Capital Symposium, In-State Investment Activity Is Burgeoning, According to Michigan Venture Capital Association Report

Combined capital under management has grown 206 percent in just five years Ann Arbor, Mich. – April 12, 2011 – As the state of Michigan—and more generally, the Midwest—continues to transition from its rust belt roots of auto and manufacturing into an innovation economy driven by clean tech, life sciences, and entrepreneurship, the soon-to-be released… read more

MVCA Entrepreneur of the Year Jeff Williams lands at Life Magnetics

Xconomy: “Serial Entrepreneur Jeff Williams To Lead Life Magnetics” Thomas Lee 4/25/11 If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it. Arboretum Ventures in Ann Arbor, MI, is once again teaming up with serial CEO Jeff Williams to try to spin a University of Michigan-bred company into investor gold. This time Williams will lead Life Magnetics, a… read more

MEMBER PRESS RELEASE: Plymouth Venture Partners Fund II Makes Investment In Lynx Network Group

Kalamazoo, MI – Plymouth Management Company (PMC) announced its third investment from Plymouth Venture Partners Fund II (PVP II) in Lynx Network Group (LNG) of Kalamazoo, Michigan. Lynx Network Group is a full service  telecommunications company specializing in advancing high-speed next generation infrastructure in tier 2 and tier 3 markets where traditional infrastructure is not… read more

SEC makes long-awaited Dodd-Frank ruling

As part of the Dodd-Frank Act, Congress eliminated section 203 (b)(3) of the Advisers Act, which previously had exempted from SEC registration any adviser that had fewer than 15 clients over the last 12 months, did not hold itself out to the public as an investment adviser, and did not act as an investment adviser… read more