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July 20 Guest Post: The Hardest Part of Investing Everywhere Else

Paul Singh is an entrepreneur, speaker, investor, and Aistreamer who is traveling across the country to find, explore, and uncover the best startups throughout the United States. In this exclusive guest post, Paul shares why the hardest part of investing across the country is trust and deal terms. If you’re interested in hearing more about his […]

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Michigan Angel Investor Community
March 08 MVCA Celebrates Angel Investor Community

As the Michigan Venture Capital Association (MVCA) reaches its 15-year anniversary, its members celebrate success as a catalyst for growth of the Michigan entrepreneurial and investment community.  To assure continued success, the MVCA board embarked on a year-long challenge to redefine MVCA’s strategy for the next five years.  From surveys, interviews and feedback sessions MVCA […]

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August 16 MVCA Investor-Only Networking Reception Recap

Last week, our MVCA board of directors gathered for our quarterly meeting on the west side of the state, in Zeeland, known for its blueberries, beaches, and business. There’s no doubt that the west side of the state is beautiful, but it’s quickly becoming a destination for work as well as play. West Michigan’s lakeshore […]

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September 24 Join leading Midwest Startup Investors at Startup Angels Michigan Oct. 22 in Ypsilanti

Startup Angels Michigan: Accelerating the Midwest Angel Community Don’t miss this half-day conference for experienced and aspiring angel investors on the state-of-the-art in startup investing and ways to capitalize on the global entrepreneurship phenomenon. Hear from top investment leaders, like Paul Singh of 500 Startups, and Andy Jenks of Drive Capital, on the future of […]

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June 30 Great Lakes Angels welcomes new president Pietro Sarcina

Angel investment activity is increasingly important in Michigan’s entrepreneurial economy, so we’re always pleased when one of our nine Michigan angel groups report exciting news!  The Great Lakes Angels (GLA) are announcing the appointment of Pietro Sarcina as President, effective July 1, 2015; David Weaver will remain as Chairman and Founder. Weaver reflects, “We are very fortunate to have someone […]

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July 18 Member News Release: West Michigan WiMAX company AzulStar secures funding from Grand Angels, Blue Water Angels

Deal marks the first time two Michigan angel groups have co-invested Grand Rapids, Mich.– Two Michigan angel groups have co-invested in fixed WiMAX owner/operator AzulStar, which teams with leading companies, governmental agencies and private investors to offer very-high bandwidth wireless data, voice and video services.  West Michigan angel investing group Grand Angels and Midland-based Blue […]

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July 07 Grand Angels create new fund to invest alongside members

West Michigan angel group Grand Angels announces the creation of Grand Angels Co-Investment Fund I, a “sidecar” fund which Grand Angels Company, LLC will manage.  The fund, whose investors include members and non-members of Grand Angels, will invest a small amount in most of the deals in which Grand Angels members invest.  Grand Angels President […]

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